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Author: Mandrake Admin

Our new project is now live!

Our video project for Kings College London Policy Institute and the Cabinet Office, Margaret Thatcher and N010 is now live. Films will be released throughout the week. Watch the series on the website here

My Crazy Korean Life

South Korea has become the most competitive, perfectionist and successful society in the world. It is the number one destination for plastic surgery, the most technologically advanced, but also has among the highest rates of teen suicide in developed nations. But what do we really know of this country that lies in the dark shadow of its northern neighbour?

This film delves beneath the facade of one of the world’s strangest and increasingly most influential countries.

Young UKIP and Proud

Meet UKIP’s youngest members – ambitious, committed and set to be the next generation of political leaders in the UK. If you thought it wasn’t cool to be a UKIP member, think again – these young people are fiercely proud of their party, and not afraid to say so. We find out how their varied backgrounds have led them to support UKIP policies on immigration, EU membership, defense, university fees and tax.

Channel 4 Open Learning Platform

We helped create the Open 4 Learning platform for C4, now live!

If you’re interested in a TV career visit site here

Memories of a Gold Smuggler

Documentary: In Development
Memories of a Gold Smuggler
1 x 60 mins


In 1968, three hip young Londoners were arrested for international gold smuggling and defrauding The Bank of America by breaking their top secret codes. They and their team of pretty public schoolboy adventurers had lived a glamorous James Bond lifestyle smuggling gold throughout the globe, hidden in Ladies’ corsets under their razor sharp suits. Until the day it all came crashing down… 43 years later, the main players reunite for the first time since their arrest, and find out what really happened that day.

Based on the book “How To Rob Banks Without Violence” by Roderic Knowles.\